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Antique Classic Vintage Coin-Operated Vending Machine Reproduction Parts

Quality Original & Reproduction Antique Classic Vintage Vending Machine Parts

Over the years of buying, selling and restoring Antique Classic Vintage Vending Machines, we have learned many missing parts cannot be found...
This plagues many restorers and collectors alike. With that said, we make many of our Reproduction Restoration Parts available in the hopes you can complete your restoration project!

Our Quality Reproduction Parts are manufactured as close to "original" as possible! Many clients have commented on our attention to detail which results in a quality restoration for you!

Don't see something you need or have a part you want re-manufactured, Contact Us to see if we can assist so your Restoration Project becomes reality!

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Parts Original/Reproduction

Latest Products

Stoner Pastry Mirror - Early Version

Faithful Reproduction Stoner/Univendor Pastry Mirror for ...

Sales price: $150.00

Rowe Candy Vendor Mirror

Faithful Reproduction Rowe Candy Vendor Mirror

Sales price: $140.00

Mills Vending Machine Lock Adapter

Faithful Fabrication of a Mills Vending Machine Lock Adapter

Sales price: $22.00

Stoner Pastries Decal

Faithful Reproduction Stoner/Univendor Pastries Mirror Decal

Sales price: $35.00


Stoner Pre-War 8 Selection Display Glass - Candy

Faithful Reproduction Display Glass for 8 Selection Pre-War ...

Sales price: $120.00

Stoner Pre-War Theater "Fresh Candy" Marquee Glass Set

Faithful Reproduction Marquee "Fresh Candy" Display Glass ...

Sales price: $45.00

Stoner Theatre Lucite Light Buttons

Faithful Reproduction Stoner/Univendor Theatre Lucite Light ...

Sales price: $75.00

Stoner/Univendor Price Card

Faithful Reproduction Price Card for Stoner/Univendor Price ...

Sales price: $0.50

Stoner/Univendor Sold Out Flag Paint Mask

Faithful Creation of Vinyl Paint Mask Decal for ...

Sales price: $1.75

Superior Gum Side Mount Bracket

Faithful Reproduction Superior Gum Vendor Mounting Bracket ...

Sales price: $45.00

Canteen Model S Stand

Faithful Reproduction Canteen Candy Vendor Model "S" Stand

Sales price: $325.00

Stoner Cabinet Base Door

Faithful Reproduction Stoner/Univendor Cabinet Base Door

Sales price: $130.00

Stoner 8 Selection w/ Gum-Mint Display Glass Set

Faithful Reproduction Display Glass Set for 8 Selection ...

Sales price: $150.00

Canteen Side Mount Brackets

Faithful Reproduction Canteen Mounting Brackets for ...

Sales price: $65.00

Caster Kit - Coca-Cola Policeman

Faithful Reproduction Caster Kit for Coca-Cola Policeman ...

Sales price: $110.00

Cigar-O-Mat Cabinet Base

Faithful Reproduction 3 Selection Cigar-O-Mat Cabinet Base

Sales price: $325.00

Popperette Cabinet Base

Faithful Reproduction Popperette Popcorn Machine Cabinet ...

Sales price: $375.00

Stoner 6 Select Cabinet Base

Faithful Reproduction Stoner/Univendor 6 Selection Cabinet ...

Sales price: $425.00

Stoner Cabinet Base Door

Faithful Reproduction Stoner/Univendor Cabinet Base Door

Sales price: $120.00

Stoner 6 Selection Display Glass

Faithful reproduction display glass for 6 Selection ...

Sales price: $99.00

Stoner Cabinet Base Door

Faithful Reproduction Stoner/Univendor Cabinet Base Door

Sales price: $150.00

Stoner Pastry Mirror

Faithful Reproduction Stoner/Univendor Pastry Mirror for a ...

Sales price: $150.00

Canteen 106 Gum Vendor Marquee

Faithful Reproduction Canteen Gum Vendor Marquee

Sales price: $28.00

U-Select-It Cabinet Base

Faithful Reproduction U-Select-It Model 74 Cabinet Base

Sales price: $300.00


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