Reproduction Rowe Diplomat Pull KnobReproduction Rowe Diplomat Pull Knob
Reproduction Rowe Diplomat Pull Knob
Reproduction Rowe Diplomat Pull Knobs

Rowe Diplomat Pull Knob Set (8)

Faithful Reproduction Pull Knob Set for Rowe Diplomat Cigarette Vendors
Sales price $118.00

Our meticulous attention to detail results in a quality reproduction Rowe Pull Knob Set (8) for mounting on various Rowe Diplomat Cigarette Vendors.

Manufactured from quality Aluminum, our replacements will not rust and are almost identical replacements!

The only difference would be the "original" pull knob has a slight convex face whereas our reproduction is flat where the lettering is engraved. Because this slight difference is visible, we recommend purchasing a complete pull knob set.

With this said, call for availability to purchase single, one or two, "original" pull knobs. We can also purchase your good condition "original" pull knobs or apply credit when a complete set is purchased.

Delivered unfinished as displayed in our photo but can be powder-coated "Red" for an additional fee.



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