Vintage Restorations Digital Workshop DVD Tutorial: Rowe Diplomat Cigarette Vendor

DVD Tutorial - Vendo V-63

Vintage Restorations Digital Workshop DVD Tutorial for the Vendo V-63, V-90 or V-126
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Our Digital Workshop Tutorial DVD is the perfect compliment to your restoration toolbox!

There is no better way to learn than watching our techniques and applying them in your restoration.

Each DVD has easy Chapter Navigation to specific tasks or just sit back and enjoy as we breakdown and re-assemble the Vendo V-63, V-90 and V-126.

This is a 2 DVD Set due to the complexity of the 1960s models and recording the complete restoration process.

As a bonus, we include the PDF Service/Parts Manual on the DVD! (if available)

Approx. running time is 4 hrs. Can be viewed on DVD Players and/or Computers; however, some computers may require additional software.


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